PERM on Hold. - H1B expiring

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding my immigration situation and would appreciate any insights or advice from those with experience in this area.
Currently, my PERM application is on hold, and my H1B visa is set to expire in September 2026. I am hopeful that the PERM process will be initiated in 2025. Considering I-140 timeline: LCA takes about 10-11 months, PERM- 12-14 months and I-140- 1-2months, I am considering the possibility of transferring to another country, specifically Canada, for work while the PERM process is ongoing.
My plan is to continue working for company X but from a Canadian location, and to put my H1B visa on hold during this period. Once I have my I-140 approval, I intend to return to the US and resume my work with company X.
I would like to know if this plan is feasible and if there are any potential implications or obstacles I should be aware of. Additionally, I’m open to any alternative suggestions or advice from those who have navigated similar situations.
Thank you in advance for your help!