PERM Original Labor Certification Hard Copy Lost

I was informed that PERM Original Labor Certification Hard Copy Lost while getting it from DOL to Attorney.

So I-140 Premium Processing cannot be done. And DOL will not issue duplicate - Heard from an attorney that PERM got approved by Oct 2nd.

Any thoughts will be much appreciated. Thanks for your time for sharing your thoughts. Did anyone come across how many months it hardly took for the entire process?

Note: While filing I-140 USCIS will request a duplicate hard copy from DOL.

@Anil.Gupta - Appreciate you & your time for the things you are doing in this forum & am22tech.

Hi @viswac

This is something that i have never heard before and seems like a foolish answer from the attorney.

I will check as I have never that someone will not send a duplicate copy if the original is lost in the mail! Whose error is it? Your employer that the could not receive it? This sounds absurd to me.

i140 application is processed by USCIS and they will not do anything on their. You will have to supply all the documents to them.

@Anil.Gupta - Thanks for your swift reply Anil !! You are right - I-140 processed by USCIS & PERM is DOL.
I don’t know if that is carelessness of DOL or Attorney, i asked my Immigration HR/attorney if they could email to (Atlanta National Processing Center) since both of them are the authorized representative.
Attorney replied - they already emailed them - DOL replied that they have sent the original petition and they cannot issue duplicate. (As far i heard DOL will not issue duplicate) also it was regular mail which has no tracking ID - I know you would say absolutely mess - thats what it is - i felt the same.

Then i asked my Immigration HR - She replied they cannot do any follow since already attorney did and why am i so concerned and they can go for 1 year extension.

I wanted premium processing and i was keep pushing them and they finally said this cannot be done in premium since we don’t have the original Labor Certification.

Sorry for the lengthy reply and making your time consume more. I thank you for all the help you do for everyone just not only to me. Your time is really valuable and i respect.

Hi @viswac

I understand but i have never heard that PERM copies are lost like this.

It seems that your employer is intentionally trying to file i140 in regular processing.

hy, bro. same case here… my company also lost lc original copy and filed with copy of lc. don’t know how much time it gonna take to approved i140

Hello - my employer also lost the perm certificate during Covid lockdown. they filed I140 regular processing…Do you have any idea how much time took for you to get approval?

dont worry you will get it soon

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Same. Apparently my employer never received certified signed copy of PERM. Any idea how long it took after sending request to USCIS?