Perm processing taking more than 6 months

Hello guys, saw your conversation here. I filed on 14 Jan and just see that my “analyst review” turned to “audit review”. seem to me that a lot of people filed in Dec 19 and Jan 20 got audit.

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Have your lawyers responded to the audit yet? Are they feeling confident about your applications?

Well all I know is that the attorney has done the best they can. They have responded but expect it to take some time for a response, at least four months.

Same here. My lawyer said there shouldn’t be anything amiss with my case; we have a “valid case” according to her. My case got audited probably because my previous PERM was denied.

Yeah, same with the lead time, 3-4 months. I’m in a pickle since my H1B expires Dec 12th. Sigh

Nervy time ahead.

Hi there, sorry for delay.

My boss check my case everyday and on 11 Aug it show audit. now it’s 21 Aug and still got no letter from DOL. My attorney sent an inquiry to DOL, we are waiting for their respond. So I still don’t know what they want…

Did you guy got the letter from DOL? How long does it take for them to send letter?

okey guys, My boss just found the email from DOL in his inbox (-_-’) it looks pretty similar to what you guys have.

Hi !!
Same boat! from where are you guys seeing “audit” or “analyst review”

I think this is something only the lawyers or employers can see. What ir your priority date?

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