Perm processing taking more than 6 months


My perm was filed on December 31st 2019, it still shows up as Analyst Review, it’s more than 6 months now. Is this delay due to Covid? What advice do you give, what should I do?

Thank you

I’m in the same boat. PERM filed on Jan 13th 2020. Still no update yet.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do but wait. There’s no premium processing for PERM.

Please provide an update of your perm application status, it’s now more than six months for me and it still shows analyst review.

Still nothing for me. I checked FLAG’s website for priority date and it says March 2020 for PERM.

Definitely concerning that applications from December 2019 or January 2020 are still pending.

Has your lawyer said anything else?

Any luck on your case?

No luck, still pending. What about you?

Same, still in analyst review. They are really taking their sweet time. Sigh.

DOL’s FLAG just data dumped all cases decided up to June 30th. Any luck with your case?

I received a random audit on 7/17 and have to respond by 8/10

Yikes. Sorry to hear. Good luck. I still have not heard back. But given the fact that you and another guy on a bigger thread about PERM processing time both got audited really makes me nervous.

If you don’t mind my asking and you can keep it as vague as you want, what exactly are they auditing about your case?

They just want the recruitment documents and evidence of it.

Seems standard enough. Good luck.

Thank you! Same to you

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My case got audited too. Just got news today.

Besides recruitment docs and evidence of recruitment effort, there was an extra request to demonstrate that “it is no longer feasible to train a worker to qualify for the position”.

Did your case get any special request? or is the request sort of typical?

Mine was a random audit, they asked for all recruitment records to verify it was conducted and that there were no eligible candidates for the job and the reasons any candidates were turned down. My attorney has outlined in her response that there was no training provided for the job and the role requires prior training and experience.

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That seems to be the norm of all these audits. They requested pretty much the same for my case as well as the training part too.

I haven’t heard back from our HR about how the attorney wants to approach this.

When does your H1B expire? My 6th year expires December 16 2020 (if extension is approved) while the PERM application doesn’t hit 1 year until January 1 2021 (when my H1B is then eligible for a 7th year). Audits can take forever. I’m worried about that 1 month gap. We can’t leave the country in the midst of this pandemic.

Good luck with your case.

I am here on a J1 visa and it expires in June 2021, planning to file an extension for my visa in November 2020 because this perm audit and the all the other processes amidst this pandemic we do not know how long everything will be delayed.

My attorney is concerned that the Trump administration is planning to bring out an executive order for eb2 and eb3 too anytime in August, with new rules. Let’s see what happens.

Thanks and good luck to you too.

Thanks, man.

Just a quick question. Did your attorney say how long an audit like this typically takes to conclude? (assuming all evidence is submitted without further question/request)

The processing time on FLAG website really puts me off (priority date September 2019, 280 days or so to process).

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Welly attorney was quite vague about the audit timeline due to the delays nowadays due to Covid. But the 280 days is the number of days from the priority date, so I would say roughly about 4 months from responding to the audit.

Hmm, I see. If that, that still carries past my extended H1B expiration date. I reached out to an independent attorney and he said there is a 60-day grace period after H1B maxes out. Don’t know if that’s true or not.