Perm processing time Filling Date (SEP 02 2020)

Hi ,
I just re-estimated my PERM processing time. and it’s showing as FEB 01 2021.
When i checked some of the PERM status of other users ,it’s showing JUL and SEP Dates are getting approved.
Is that posts are true? In DOL we are still seeing the status “Analyst Review” for JUN 2020.

Please share your thoughts!

The Site moderator should address these invalid entries. Its totally becoming a mess. They need to do something for having accurate data. Otherwise it will become just a fake site.


I agree.
Thanks for the update!

Some people are getting approvals. So, the data may be correct as per the users.

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Maybe you shouldn’t call those invalid without any proof. DOL is actually approving applications for September and now also October. Some people are kind enough to post that info here and we should appreciate it instead of calling those entries fake

Yeah.These kind people updates the case next day or deletes.

So are you saying that it’s still valid entries?
And perm is been started processing for sep?

DOL website just updated their Analyst Review, and it is showing July now. If you applied in September, your case adjudication should be this month or next.

As per my understanding, the perm applications filed on September 2020 should get their response by feb end or early march ?

Thanks for your response.

Don’t won’t to lower your expectations but they have been getting one month done by month.
Meaning during Dec - working on Jun applications, Jan → Jul, Feb → Aug, Mar → Sep.

I don’t expect them to speed up their turnaround time during COVID especially since they have now High Priority PWDs to handle due to a lawsuit back in Oct.


Thanks for the response.

Did you get an update on the PERM status?

No Update.
I think August 15 is in progress.


I see someone updated today that PERM applied on 14 Sep 2020 got approved and later it got deleted. And i guess the same person added one more entry that 25 Nov 2020 perm got approved.
Really confusing which one is correct

Sometime it gets confused by mistakenly entered value.
Try checking perm trackit site.


Yes, Trackitt PERM tracker is better. I can see approvals for Aug 26-27 today, so by end of this month, hopefully Sept will also start.

Thank you Both for letting me know about that trackitt site.
I was not aware of that site earlier and Yes, i could see Aug 26th and 27th got approved.