Perm processing tracking on am22tech site question

Hi @Anil.Gupta sir,

I have a quick question, my PERM has been filed more than 4 months ago. When I check it on am222tech site it shows ‘Pending’ and also shows “Expected Approval On or before 30th March 2020” . How accurate these dates would be ? Does this mean that I would confirm have the decision before 30th of this month ?

Please let me know .

Thanks !

The expected date of approval is given by am22tech’s service and is not guaranteed. It is estimated based on other cases which have already been approved around your filing time.

Just take it as an estimated date and not a guaranteed date. DOL does not give any estimated dates. It is this service that is trying to find an estimated service.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
Not the exact date but does that mean at least sooner I will have an update regarding my case ?
Also does the current covid thing going to impact the process of PERM approval ? It’s been almost 5 months my PERM has been filed.