Points for work experience

Hi Anil

I am sorry if I could not communicate clearly.

In my ACS assessment report, all below experience are assessed as ‘Relevant’ to 261311 (Analyst Programmer) of the ANZSCO code:

  • Australia experience Tenure 1: 1 year 10 months;

  • Australia experience Tenure 2: 1 year 1 month;

  • Total Australia experience: 2 year 11 months;

  • Total Overseas Experience: 7 years 1 month (10 years – 2 years 11 months)

However, while filling EOI, can I mark one Australia tenure as Overseas experience as it increases my Overseas to be more than 8 years giving me 5 points more?

Kindly help me on this.

Hi @sudhanshu01

I think you can do it. What you can do to be absolutely sure is that send an email to ACS and ask for clarification.