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Hi Anil,

I have total 9 yrs 1 month of work experience, starting date is 23 sept 2010 and continuing in the same company till date.

I have submitted my ACS assessment on 24 feb 2019. and got the result on 12 Mar 2019. I after date for my skill experience is Sept 2014.

I have submitted EOI , ACS assessment date as 12/03/2019 . Marked relevant experience from 01 Oct 2014 to blank as end date.

I am expecting 10 points for my experience , however, on submission i am getting only 5 points. I am attaching few screens for reference . please help me understand why am being awarded only 5 points for experience.

Please let me know if i have to correct or update anything.

Unable to attach more than one screen
ACS result information :
12 March 2019
Our Reference: A-255614
Mr Rakesh Gurram

Dear Mr Gurram
Thank you for your ICT skills assessment, which was received by the Australian Computer Society on 24
February 2019.
Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migra􀌬on under 261313 (So􀌞ware Engineer) of the
Your qualifica􀤘on has been assessed as follows:
Your Bachelor of Engineering from xxxx University completed August 2010 has been
assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in compu􀤘ng.
The following employment a􀤋er September 2014 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately
skilled level and relevant to 261313 (So􀤋ware Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code.

The total number of days should be more than 365*5 to get 10 points for work experience.

How many relevant days are you able to get? Did you calculate?

Relevant days are 1857 (5 years , 1 month). More than 365*5 (1825).

In that case, you should see 10 points. You are probably making some other mistake somewhere.

I do not know what I am doing wrong . How to figure out am clueless. Any help would be appreciated.

Deleted all the experience details just added only relevant ones/ updated assessment dates/ added few more months as relevant experience/ created new EOI ,none of these things worked.

Hi @Ramyarakesh

If you want paid private help, you can send an email to contact@am22tech.com

They can look at your EOI with you and suggest changes.

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Anil, thanks for the help . I figured out the issue. In relevant 5 years experience I worked 10 months in Australia and that is not calculated in EOI.

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In relevant experience of 5 years , i have 10 months of Australia experience . so no points awarded to me in EOI . is there way to get points for this experience ?

You can claim it as experience working in Australia.

Hi Ramya
I see 10 months work Experience in AUS wont give any point but only reduce your India Work Experience points.
could you please suggest how did you solve this problem?

I did not solve the problem. Simply lost the points waiting for 10 more months . After that I lose points for age.

Hi Anil

I am also facing same problem where work experience in AUS is not giving any points but only reducing India work experience points.
Could you please suggest how to solve this problem?

You can simply claim it as total work experience if not in Australia.

Hi Anil

Thank for your prompt response, I really appreciate your time.

I am little confused and seek your help here. I have 2 tenures in Australia:

  1. 1 year 10 months;
  2. 1 year 1 month;

Total of these two tenures is 2 years 11 months which falls in the category “1 to 3 years work experience in Australia”.

Any of these tenures ‘alone’ gives me 5 points for work experience in Australia.

Scenario 1 - Show both the tenures as Australia Work Experience:

Total of both Australia tenures is 2 years 11 months which falls in the category “1 to 3 years work experience in Australia” and gives ‘5’ points.

In this scenario, Overseas work experience outside Australia in last 10 years comes to 7 years 1 month (10 years - 2 years 11 months), which falls in the category “At least 5 but less than 8 years” and gives me 5 points.

Total Points for Work Experience = 5+5 = 10;

Scenario 2 - Show only one tenure as Australia Work Experience and the other as Overseas experience:

Each of the two Australia Tenures fall in the category “1 to 3 years work experience in Australia” and gives ‘5’ points.

In this scenario, Overseas work experience outside Australia in last 10 years comes more than 8 years (10 years - 1 years 10 months = 8 years 2 months OR 10 years - 1 years 1 month = 9 years 11 months), which falls in the next category “At least 8 years” and gives me 10 points.

Total Points for Work Experience = 5+10 = 15;

My ACS was done as per scenario 1 above as I was not aware of “last 10 years clause” in calculation of work experience.

All the above experience in Australia and Overseas has been with same company which is based in India.

I would be grateful if you could kindly have a look at above scenarios and help me with your thoughts on if I can go for scenario 2 above.

Can you help on How do we show total experience as overseas ? My Acs report is having 10 months of experience in Aus .

In EOI , I have entered my experience as per ACS report ( details are taken from resume that I submitted to ACS) and marked relevant years all at one place with role , dates and countries . At the end when it is calculating points it is not considering Aus 10 months experience.

All experience is with same company and in experience letter they gave roles and regions that I worked in .

Now am trying to understand how to give these 10 months as overseas in EOI
First image is current experience in EOI , this includes australia experience.

In the second image , i removed australia experience since i was in the same role in india , i just updated 30/04/2015 to 30/06/2016 as single row to get more points.is this acceptable and does this work ?

Your response is greatly anticipated and appreciated on this.

how are you distinguishing between overseas n australia exp? can you help me on this? i posted a query below for Anil to respond. i am not understanding how to update eoi with australia experience as overseas experience

What has been mentioned in your ACS report?

I think you can fill your EOI using scenario 2 if ACS has marked all of that experience as ‘relevant’.

There is a question asked in EOI about experience in Australia. You have to answer yes to that question and then give details.

Hi Anil

Thank you for prompt response.

Both the Australia work experience tenures are within last 10 years.

ACS assessment report has both the tenures of Australia work experience as per scenario # 1 mentioned in my query.

As per ACS assessment report:

  • Australia experience Tenure 1: 1 year 10 months;

  • Australia experience Tenure 2: 1 year 1 month;

  • Total Australia experience: 2 year 11 months;

  • Total Overseas Experience: 7 years 1 month (10 years – 2 years 11 months)

  • All the experience in Australia and Overseas in last 10 years (including both Australia tenures and Overseas experience) was assessed as ‘Relevant’ to 261311 (Analyst Programmer) of the ANZSCO code.

If it is necessary to fill work experience in EOI as per ACS assessment report then I am not sure if I can go with scenario # 2 means marking one of the Australia tenure as overseas experience.

I would be grateful if you could kindly help me with your thoughts on this situation.

Hi @sudhanshu01

I have already shared my point of view. I am not sure what else can I add here.