Police Passport Verification

I applied for my passport on Nov 4th in Tatkal. I got my passport in 2 weeks time.I have the new passport with me.

I got “Initiation of Police Verification” on Nov 17th.
My father has been to my local police station 3 times since then but they said nothing has showed up yet.

In the email, The last column is empty so not sure which police station the verification went.

What are next steps? I feel bad that my old father has to keep going to station for this.

It was same case with me (last column was blank) but police visited my home next day. He said he is from PV cell, District commissioner office and verified the docs in 10-15mins. Better you contact Commissioner/ SP office.

Give it a week. It should be the same police station which you have mentioned in your Application.

Hi Ishani,
I am facing the same issue. Were you able to resolve this with the police station and get your passport ?