Police verification for passport - but nobody stays there

Hello all,
I sent passport for a renewal to the Indian consulate and got an e-mail saying police verification has been initiated & that I should contact police station if there are no updates after 3 weeks.

Some things to note for the application:

  • The main address on the passport is the same as old in old passport & is the Indian home
  • If I do nothing, and if the police officer visits my locked apartment, can it have a negative impact on my passport application - like can they mark the verification process as adverse, and my passport will get stuck?

Please let me know if anyone has faced such a situation. My biggest concern is that nobody lives there at the moment

There are so many posts on this topic in this forum. One should give contact details of friends or family living in the same city (and willing to help).

PV may or may not happen. If there’s nobody at the address to vouch for you, they may file it in their report. You will hear from consulate/embassy on next steps.

Alternately, you can look up the number of police station you have chosen and get in touch with them to explain your situation. They may accept relevant documents over WhatsApp.

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I am in same boat. I have applied for passport renewal in Chicago and status is showing passport printed. And after that I got police verification email. And no one lives at my place. I gave my parents number but they are in different city. Could you please let me know, how did you handle this situation?

Thanks in advance.