Police verification for renewal of passport re-issued in USA


I applied for normal processing and chose to keep the same Indian address on the passport as it was in my old passport.

(My old passport was also renewed in US)

I got an email about a week ago that police verification has been initiated. I was under the impression that there won’t be a police verification in my case. How long should I wait before calling the police station since so far no one has showed up for verification. Thanks!

They usually contact within 30 days.

Thanks for your response! the police verification never happened and my passport got delivered today.

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Hi Puja,
Did you contact the police station to see if they require any documents ? I have also applied for reissue and got email about police verification. However, the passport seva website shows status as “Print has been initiated”. Do we need to proactively call them ?

Police verification never happened and I didn’t contact them. My passport was delivered within a week-10days post getting the police verification email. Looks like you will get yours soon.