Police verification - Indian passport renewal NYC

Is police verification mandatory for passport renewals even if the current passport was issued in the US? Got an automated email on that during renewal. Also the status on the Indian government passport seva website says - Passport Printed and has been this way for 3 days but no other updates from VFS or anyone else on dispatching the new passport back

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Yes it is mandatory and you have to satisfy the expectations of the police.

@raji1- Thanks for the response . I assume you don’t get the passport without the verification being done? My status on the Indian passport seva website says passport has been printed. It has been that way for the last 4 days or so. I assume they won’t dispatch it without police verification completion? Do you know if this happening for everyone or just a few? My last passport was also issued by NYC Indian consulate.

Here is a news article describing how to get passport verification in India.

If you apply as Tatkal, I am guessing police verification happens after the passport being issued.
Else, I read a response from another user on this forum saying that he/she received the renewed passport before or in parallel with the police verification procedure Unfortunately, this aspect lacks transparent description of procedure. My guess based on variable responses here is that it is a subjective decision by the issuer of the passport.

Did you get ur passport back ?
Was Police Verification done ?