Port of entry stamp missing on passport

Hi @anil_am22 ,
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I have a query regarding CBP stamp at the port of entry.
My wife (H4 visa) travelled back to US few days ago and port of entry was Newark. She got her immigration done and officer scanned her passport however did not stamp it. But, we can see that the latest entry is present on i94 website under travel record.

Could you please advise if we are good if i94 has most recent date of entry updated? Or do we need to take any action to get the stamp from CBP?

Thanks in advance!

You don’t need to worry as your I-94 online shows your most recent entry date which means CBP has your correct entry record. Missing entry stamp on passport should not cause any issues in future. Print your I-94 and keep it in your record.

I think they have a new process in place now. I have heard this from many people that they don’t stamp the passport now.

No need to worry as @Kalpesh_Dalwadi has suggested.

thanks a lot Kalpesh for confirming!

thanks a lot Anil for confirming!