Position/Designation in EOI vs ACS assessment

Hi Anil,

I have a question regarding the importance of position field in EOI ( Under Employment Section).

While submitting reference letter (Statuatory Declaration) for ACS It had details as below and got positive assessment.
I worked in same company for all these years and 4 years in US in the middle.

2008 - 2013 - Computer Programmer ( India)
2013 - 2017 - Senior Programmer (US)
2017-2019- Assistant Consultant(Technical lead) (India)

But the first two are not my designations, but are project roles, the same is for ‘Technical Lead’.

I had to give in such way because it asks details for each countries worked for separately (Even though in same company), and designation does not change based on country in our organization, but roles change. So to show progression, I gave it like this.

When I submitted my EOI back in June with 75 points - I gave ‘Positions’ in a similar way as ACS assessment letter.

But actual designation in my organization are different - EX: Asst System Engineer and IT Analyst

Now my question is for first two phases - I can’t modify the ACS assessment as its already evaluated.

So shall I modify my EOI and give correct designations ( But in this case it wont match to the positions mentioned in ACS letter).
Shall I put correct designation in EOI and in bracket the role which matches the ACS letter.

Is the position/designation that critical ? The latest one I have the correct one in EOI by the way, which is Assistant Consultant.

Can you please suggest, if I need to change something here. Just want to avoid any silly mistakes which can cause an issue.


Hi @pbaus2020

Not sure why you changed the designation names in ACS and did not keep the same as what you have in your employer letter.

Now, that you have changed it, i suggest to keep it same as ACS letter.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta for the quick response.

While submitting the declaration for ACS, I went through the ACS guidelines multiple times. Actually there was no emphasis given to designation/position based on countries worked. Below is what is mentioned in the document, it talks about dates and location. Hence I went ahead and gave the project role that I was playing. Because designations anyway changed at different times, not exactly based on countries.

The country in which the employment was performed must be stated clearly in the reference. If you
have worked in multiple countries for one company, the employment reference MUST clearly show the
specific dates and corresponding locations where the employment was completed. An example of the
required breakdown is provided in the example employment reference below.

Couple of small clarification:

  1. As the Position field in EOI is a free form text - Shall I keep its as EX: IT.Analyst(Senior Programmer)
  2. Do we have to provide position/designation anywhere in Visa application as well ? I am waiting for an invite. Just want to know if I need to take care of this in multiple places now.

Please note - My payslips does not show the designations, and my experience letter designation (latest one) is in sync with ACS.

I know my question may be repetitive, but after doing all the hardwork I am just worried because of the silly mistake . Excuse me for that.


Hi @pbaus2020

You will need to fill the same details again after you get invite on form 80.

I have given the sample form 80 and documents which would be required once you get invite.

The immigration office will give more importance to what is written in ACS report than what you have mentioned. But, it is always better to keep both in sync to avoid generating any suspicion.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta for sharing the sample form 80

So shall I keep the same designations as mentioned ACS in Form 80 as well right.
I see the column “Your occupation and Duties” - Do I need to include the designation here as well.

I suggest to keep the designations same as ACS everywhere.

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