Positive assessment for Chef but payslips shows lower skill level

I got a successful skill assessment as a chef.

And also job reference letter from my employer as a chef.

But my payslips shows my skill level is 2 and some as a cook level 2.

But my skill assessment certificate shows i was employed as a chef.

My concern is if I claim my points based on my skill assessment(where I didn’t have to show my payslips) will the case officer ask for payslips?

Even if I provide the payslips will there be any chances to get accepted those payslips.

The skill assessment was done job ready program by TRA.

Please advise me,


Hi @SKarim

Has your assessment been done by official assessment company for your ANZSCO code or someone else?

I do not know what is ‘job ready program’ here.

Hi Anil,

This is done by official assessor, named as Trades Recognition Australia.


Hi @SKarim

You are fine as long as the assessment is positive. Payslips are optional and are used to validate only the employment and not your work or job duties.

Don’t worry.

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Hi Anil,

Thanks so much for your reply!!!

Could you please advise me what documents should i upload to claim the work experience against EOI?

Hi @SKarim

There are no documents required to be uploaded in EOI. You only need to upload proofs when you have got the invite.

Here are the Australia PR documents for uploading after invite:

Sorry bro i didn’t mention that I got an invitation to apply for 489 visa.

I am going to apply soon. Just got confused with the work experience documents to upload against the claim in EOI.

So basically i will have to upload the job reference letter, is that all?

Thanks again bro!

Hi @SKarim

Please check the state document list who invited you for 489.

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Okay bro. Thanks a lot!

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