Power of Attorney for education loan from SBI - study in Toronto

Hello @Anil.Gupta, You doing great jop helping people in need.
I am in urgent help of few things, if you or someone from forum could help me expedite my process, i m really running out of time. So im applying for education loan at sbi, i m in toronto, my doubts i ve put in photo to expain quickly, thanks in advance.!

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Hi @darshak_ramani

State stamp act means that you should register this POA in India as per the registration of POA rules in your specific state in India.

Point A needs to have your name and your relative.
If you are applying for this as a joint loan with someone, then you need to mention their name too.

If not, then you can leave it blank.

Point B
Guarantor is the person who is pledging the support for your loan. Bank will take the loan back from guarantor if you don’t pay back.
Guarantor is usually someone from your family like your father or someone who has some property or bank balance to pledge.

The last line on first page is for witness signature. These people should be from Canada.

Page 2
Donee is the person who will handle your POA. Donee should sign in front of notary in India.