Power of attorney for SBI education loan by Indian embassy in USA

Hi @Anil.Gupta Sir,
Hope you are doing well!! I have gone through the links mentioned by you regarding the different process of power of attorney.

My SBI bank manager in India has asked me to execute the power of attorney in Indian Embassy for education loan. Mine is a secured loan .So ideally should i attest the power of attorney or notarize the power of attorney . My manager is saying she doesn’t want attested power of attorney but I have to execute the power of attorney in indian Embassy.

Can you please let me know the general scenario regarding the power of attorney for a secured education loan.

What I understood from my manager is that she wants me to get it notarized for which I have to get two witnesses sign in my power of attorney in presence of my University notary officer and I should sign the power of attorney in presence of Indian embassy and after which they are going to take my documents and put it in sealed envelope with my father’s address on it and I need to send the sealed envelope to India to my father’s address . So he will be registering it in India.
Is my understanding correct. It will be really Appreciable if you could help me out with this.

Thank you so much.

Hi @Nethra_Bhupathi

Your understanding about the process is absolutely correct.

You have to first get two witness signs and get notary from University. Then take this POA to Indian embassy and get their sign and stamp.

You can then send this POA to India. Indian embassy won’t send it. They just keep a copy of this POA with them for their records.

There is no need to register this POA in India unless SBI specifically asks for it. Normally, for bank loan purpose, there is no registration required.

Only Indian embassy attested POA works for bank loans.

Let me know if you need more information.