PP I140 downgrade Eb3 RFE

Hi all,

I applied for EB3 downgrade along with AOS EAD AP in Oct 2020…
After waiting for months I decided to go for PP for i140.

Got rejected first time… sent again and it was accepted on 6/23… and today I saw an update…

RFE has been sent… I know i can’t do anything here except wait and expect the lawyers to respond.

Anyone else got RFE for PP for I140 downgrade? Anyth6to be concerned about?

Thanks in advance


It depends on the RFE request.

One of the dangerous thing is proof of ability to pay. It can seriously jeopardize your whole case.

Please post your RFE here. It can help others.


One of my coworker got RFE for downgrade applied last October. USCIS requested fresh letter of experience and skills. Attorney provide the same and his I140 got approved.

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I see. Honestly it’s a big company, so that should not be difficult to provide (fingers crossed). I just hope it does not come to original perm not provided or something like that. Thanks.

I dont know if the lawyers will even tell me unless it’s a specific info asked about my education or experience.

But will surely post if I hear from them.

I see. Hopefully it’s as simple. My other friends got the PP approved without rfe last week… thanks.

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Oh btw, is this always sent as a mailed letter or over email to the attorney?

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usually this is sent as mailed letter to the attorney (from my H1 RFE experience). it takes atleast a week or so for attorney to get the RFE.

Please do update. I hope everything clears soon for you

I see. Waiting game begins. Sure I’ll update once I hear back


I contacted the lawyers. They say they haven’t received anything yet.

But they did mention I am the first to receive an RFE for the downgrade… they hope that I am not a trendsetter :sunglasses::rofl:

Fingers crossed and the suspense continues…

So lawyers confirmed the receipt of RFE. However they have not shared the contents. Fingers crossed again.

No updates yet. Radio silence from lawyer and employer on the RFE contents… getting scarrier by the minute…

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My lawyer is still taking their sweet time… to even respond… so wait is inevitable for me…

Finally my lawyers decided to send the RFE response. Clearly buying time and making my almost 75 days miserable…
The case status shows RFE response received…
Now my next wait begins for USCIS to adjudicate this…

15 calendar days or 15 business days, only time will say…

Will post updates once I see any movement!

Finally got I140 approval in PP.

2nd attempt in PP

Ist attempt rejected around May end, 2021
Resent and received PP acdeptance confirmation June last week, 2021
RFE received July 1, 2021
RFE response sent September 14, 2021

I140 decision September 28, 2021

One more step completed…


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