PPR Extension Help!

I am supposed to submit my passport within 20 (Twenty) days however two important circumstances I am faced with

  • week-long travel to India for family wedding in a few days
  • second is a pending trip to the US for work in January that’s right after the India trip and I need to submit my passport for that US visa too

How may I ask an extension for more time to submit the passport (after the US trip) from CIC?

email directly to Ottawa or to VO?
Attach what sort of evidence of travel needed?

Please guide me with the above dilemma, I am grateful for your help. I look forward to learning your insights

Write to CPC Ottawa (CPC-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca) to extend your passport submission, explain your reasons. They are known to respond fairly quickly - within 3-4 business days and grant you an extension.

You’ll immediately get an auto-generated Do Not Reply email from them. That’s ok. Wait for them to respond.

Lets try this first, Let us know how it goes!

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Hello all! I want to thank all who guided me towards requesting an extension for PPR.

Received PPR on Dec 5.

I am a Portuguese citizen, based in Oman. I have an imminent trip to India and a work trip to the US, and therefore required my passport for travel and stamping reasons specifically which make it inconvenient for me to submit my passport to :canada: on time.

On Dec 17, sent an email to 1) the VO email listed (Abu Dhabi) and 2) the Ottawa processing center and 3) Inquiry webform with attachments of India flight and hotel booking details.

Responses I received

  1. standard donotreply message will respond to you in 15 business days
  2. nothing :frowning: (which really scared me)
  3. Dec 18 - an email from an immigration agent saying that my information was verified and asking me to log into my account to view my messages. (PHEW!)

As per 3) when I opened the message, it said my 30 day extension was approved to Feb 4!

Thank you fellas for your help and always being such a strong source of support!

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