PR grant 261111 Business Analyst Experience - Timeline

Sharing Business Analyst PR grant experience as shared by one of our guest in this forum. Sharing it with my name as user wanted to stay anonymous.

Glad to let you know I’ve got the PR Grant for NSW. I wanted to share the timeline with you, please post this as an update from anonymous just so we keep this discrete. I hope this helps folks as they anticipate their approvals as well.

Submitted EOI on 04 April

  • 75 points for 189
  • 80 points for 190.

PTE Exam: Taken on 16 Feb 2019
ACS Skill assessment submitted: 14 March 2019
ACS Results: 04 April 2019
EOI Submitted: 04 April 2019
Invite received: 06 May 2019 (NSW)
PR Application fee and submission: 01 July 2019
PR Grant approved: 31 Oct 2019

Thanks for your awesome support in clarifying so many queries. I must admit that AM22TECH is an awesome forum, perhaps the best one online to guide folks for Aus PR.


Good to know. Don’t they clear it date wise? I had submitted the fees on 30th March and Medicals done by 4th April. Haven’t yet heard from CO or grant for 261111 business analyst for NSW.

Kind of on the same boat. ICT BA with lodgement date of 21 June 2019 & patiently waiting (“received” state). I think case clearing depends on a multitude of factors - individual case complexity, workload of the assigned CO (that ultimately boils down to luck), et al…

Hi @AUPRaspirant and @Aparna_V

Its based on how clear and straight forward your documents are. Immigration officers do conduct basic verification.

Also, it depends on the individual case officer’s workload too. Your case officer may be taking more time on other cases that have been assigned to him before your case.

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Hello @Anil.Gupta, I submitted my eoi for nsw on 11th feb with 75 points for 189 but still didnt get the invitation.

Could you please advise on why it is taking this much time for getting invitation?

Hi @Manveer_Singh

I don’t know.

Its refreshing to see good news being shared, kind of lifts spirits!!

Congratulations and well done @Anil.Gupta for keeping this forum together.



Got a mail from GSM Adelaide saying it’s gone to processing stage with position number mentioned. Any idea how long it takes for Grant from this stage?

Can someone please share the reference letter for business analyst.

So amazing… looks like Business Analysts have better chance of going there.