Prayagraj / Allahabad name change, passport renewal address question

Recently, the name of Allahabad, the district and city, was changed to Prayagraj. This happened while I was in the United States as a permanent resident. I’m now trying to renew my passport in the US (Houston consulate).

The current Indian address in my passport has the district name as Allahabad and my place of birth is listed as Allahabad, UP. On Passport Seva, I must select “Prayagraj” for both the distrct in my address and for my place of birth. Would this be considered a change in address and/or place of birth?

I could potentially get a document from my parents with Prayagraj as the district for my address, but my birth certificate says Allahabad and there is no alternative document.

Please advise.

This is administrative change by Govt. This will not trigger any additional doc requirement, as consulate/embassy are aware of such changes. Any changes done by you might need documentary evidence.