Previous I797A (orginal approval notice) is missing

My H4 to H1B was approved in 2021, I got a new job based on that at employer A. Employer A said he sent I797A approval notice (original ) by mail but I never received and is missing. Employer A did not try much to get a duplicate copy for approval notice.

Since I have a scanned copy of I797A approval notice(which is missing), I moved to a new company - Employer B. I would like to go for stamping (through dropbox) next month in India.

  1. Is there any problem at stamping or Port of entry if I don’t have I797A original from employer A ?
  2. Since US embassy is asking to attend in-person randomly, can I expect any questions around employer A ?

Yes, you might be asked to show the original i797 approval (current one is more important though).

If they need to see the old i797 in original, they may ask you to bring it to the interview.