Previous visa rejection

My L1 blanket was rejected and now I applied for H1B visa which got approved and I am looking for appointments , also I am eligible for drop box ,so when I was scheduling appointment there is query for eligibility of drop box which is
is the rejection of myL1 blanket and refusal same in my case?
Any help or suggestions ?

Was your L1 visa application denied by US embassy?

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No, it was not denied but rejected by VO at the time of interview. Does this mean denial ?
It was 10 years ago and i don’t have track of it , is there any way to check it ?

I am not able to understand what you mean by ‘rejected by VO’ and how is it different than applying for visa and denied by embassy?

Yes it is denied by embassy, I am not framing it correct. Sorry for misunderstanding. Now whether the denial is considered as refusal ?
What should I choose for below query

Do you have any previous Visa refused? Yes or No

Any suggestion on my query.

One more point I want to highlight here is

On my First H1B visa I mentioned as No to the above query.So can I put the same in new H1B visa too?

If the visa was denied by US embassy, then, yes, you have to answer as ‘denied previously’.

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Hi Anil,

I did mistake in my previous H1 petition , which I did it unknowingly but the petition is approved without any hassle and completed 6 years of tenure and Now I applied new H1B, in this H1b can I rectify the mistake and do it correctly ? is it good to notify visa officer upfront ? Please suggest or can you advise ? Again this question is related to previous visa refusal .