Printing USA vs Indian Address on Passport


I am planning to renew my son’s passport (renew).

I am trying to understand whether choosing to print Indian address or USA address has any difference (advantage or disadvantages ) ?

I will have to choose change of address regardless of whether I print USA or Indian address since nobody leaves at Indian address printed on current passport. If I decide to print Indian address, I can provide my parents address as Indian address for which I do have address proof on my name.

Is there any advantage or disadvantage, if I choose to print USA address ?


Passport address is normally your current permanent address of residence which means you can opt to provide your US address. You may provide your Indian residence address or even your parents address in India as well.
There are no additional advantage or disadvantage as such.

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I used my US address for renewal. I had Indian address in my previous passport. There is no difference, just be prepared to provide a proper address proof.

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I’m printing my US address in passport. Giving an Indian address for other address details. I’m submitting proofs for US address. Do I have to submit proof for Indian address too?

No, you don’t have to.

Thank you! Much appreciated. Also I am adding my spouse name for the first time. His passport already has my name under spouse name. So can I just submit his passport copy as proof for adding spouse name. Or is it required for me to submit copy of marriage certificate as well?