Priority date current and updated I140 question?

I have approved I140 from the employer and now I moved into a leadership role they are working on filling and doing perm and I140 again but if in the coming months my PD becomes current am I still eligible for EAD and GC filing based on my initial approved I140?

I-140 is employer specific so unless your old employer is ready to sponsor your GC you can’t use it to file AOS.

Employer is same, just they want nee i140 for my new mgmt role

Sorry I misread your post. Yes they can file AOS using old I-140 if the GC job being offered is your old position and not new. Seems like because your new position has material changes in the duties , your employer is wanting to file new PERM/I-140 and so filing AOS using old I-140 may not work if the GC job is your new position.