Proof for obtaining SSN Denial Letter on H4

We went to SSN office to get denial letter for my spouse who is on H4. SSN employee was asking for a proof that spouse is not eligible. Is there a DHS/USCIS documentation available saying that H4 visa holders are not available to work and cannot get SSN?

Is there a specific reason you want this ‘denial letter’?

It’s not possible to get Driver’s Licence without this letter.

You can apply for ITIN and then use it in place of SSN. I think that’s acceptable.

Have you or do you know anyone who went with ITIN and they got the DL? My spouse already has ITIN but since I have always seen DMV people talking about SSN, I’m not sure if that’s acceptable or not.

I agree with Anil, ITIN should be acceptable as my spouse has used ITIN in past for driver’s license, call your DMV and ask.

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Every H4 gets the driving license using ITIN as they are not eligible for SSN until the primary spouse gets i140 approved.

So, this is not new. Every H4 goes through it.