Pros and Cons moving from H1 to H4EAD


I’m in H1 valid for 2 years and working for a employer; my spouse i140 approved recently and he is planning to file his H1 Extension in PP along with H4EAD, here my questions are -

  1. Is good to move from H1 to H4EAD [My employer is okay to be in H1 or in H4EAD] what are pros and cons of being in H4EAD from H1
  2. If H4 and H4EAD approved together, will it immediately impact my current H1. Do we need to explicitly set a date for COS ?
  3. If H4EAD approved after 1-2 weeks of H4 approval, what will happen to my H1 ? should i work or not in that period gap
  4. Can my employer start my GC process if i work with them in H4EAD

Any help is highly appreciated


As per my opinion, H4 EAD is better as it has no restrictions over what employer and what job you can work on.

If there is a gap between H4 and H4 EAD start date, then you can’t work in that gap period.

You can request H4 COS start date but it is not guaranteed tp be honored.