Provided 221G for parallel competitive petition

I appeared for an interview held on March 10th, 2023, at the US consulate in Hyderabad, India.
The visa Officer provided me with a 221G form, stating that there is a HIT by USCIS on my H1B and asked me to work with USCIS to get the remark removed and she also mentioned that USICIS revoked my H1B. When I looked up my most recent H1B with my current employer in the USCIS portal it still appears to be approved.


I started working with company A (Non profit) from march 2019 on OPT. They filed my non-profit H1B in Dec 2021 and which was approved in Jan 2022.

Another company B also filed my H1B via lottery for fiscal year 2022 and it was approved on april 2022 but I did not move forward with them and was never on their payroll.

In April 2022, 3 employers entered my application in the H1B lottery system (for the fiscal year 2023) out of which only 1 got picked and approved. I resigned A (Non-profit) on Oct 15th 2022 and joined current employer H1B on OCT 17th 2022.

I later found out that the B H1B was never withdrawn and still active. So I requested B’s attorney to withdraw the request. USICS did receive the “request to withdraw” on April 4th 2023.

My Employer saying that since I registerd H1B with multiple employers USCIS did put that HIT on my H1B. Not sure whats going on.

Did your employer receive any NOID or notice of investigation?

I have checked with my employer… He haven’t received NOID/NOIR yet.
Since he said, he haven’t received NOID… Can I transfer my H1B to another employer?