PTE score couldn't be verified eventhough score was sent and DHA asked to send PTE score again

I applied 189 Accountant three months ago, I had uploaded PTE score and sent it through PTE Website as well. However, DHA requested to send pte score through PTE website again as they couldn’t verify the PTE Score. Has anyone have or had a similar problem? what is the way to resolve this issue/case.

PTE score can only be sent once. I don’t know what to do next. Any suggestions? or Ideas?


Have you mentioned correct PTE report ID in your visa application?

I have attached PTE Score in my Application.
It should have correct Report ID.
I think case officer encountered issues because of the problem on PTE verification website.

You have to provide the test report reference ID in your EOI and visa application.

I think you must have mentioned the wrong ID there and hence case officer is not able to locate it.

I have put Test reference number: 335182494 in EOI and According to PTE score report MY Test Taker ID: PTE000250903, and Registration ID: 335182494. which one is Test Reference number? If I did a mistake what should I do? your help will indeed be appreciated in any forms.
thank you.

It should be the registration ID as far as i can recall.

There is a small help button next to the field where you need to fill the report ID. That help has the details about what number to use.

Yes I guess I have taken those use of Help button and I also feel correct. Despite submitting correct information why the case officer couldn’t verify the score. This is the Request of information from CASE OFFICER

Request Detail

PTE verification

You have provided a copy of your PTE score however we have not been able to verify your score through the PTE verification website. Please see attached information sheet on how you can send your PTE score to the Department for verification.

I wonder is there was some problem on PTE verification process in the PTE website itself.
I don’t understand mate what to do…

I don’t think its a problem on the PTE site as its a normal process and everybody goes through it.

What process has the case officer listed to complete the verification?

I mean They mentioned they couldn’t verify through pte verification website that is what they said and asked me to send pte score throught PTE website and given me how to send it

I already followed the same procedure to send and cannot send again as PTE has only one-time sharing policy to any department or institutions.

When did you followed this procedure? Before getting the CO contact or after CO contact?

Before getting the request from CO or when lodging the Visa application.

Usually, when you create the PTE profile for the first time, they give you an option of sending results directly to DIBP.

I am not sure what’s going wrong with your application here. Never heard of this issue before.