PTE score validity expiring (EOI 90 points under 189 , 95 for 190 , anzco code: 261313)

Dear All,

Currently i have updated my EOI (90 points under 189 , 95 points for 190 for anzco code: 261313 ) . But my PTE score validity (since its only for 2 years ) is getting expired on June 2021 , so i hardly have 2 months and with no hope of getting invitation any time soon… wat shud be my next step ? will skillselect respond if i mail them and consider the old PTE results itself or shud i attempt again :frowning:

Pls let me know your thoughts & inputs.

Thanks in advance…

For Australia Immigration, English Language Test scores are considered valid for 3 years. If you wrote your PTE in June 2019 then it will be valid until June 2022, so no need to worry and keep waiting for a invite on your EOI.

If you remember, while filing your EOI, the system asked “Has the client undertaken an English language test within the last 36 months?” Now that explains my first point.

In case you still haven’t received an invite by June 2022, your PTE scores will get expired and you will have to re attempt the exam and update your EOI with the new scores.

Thanku so much Pooja , thats a relief :slight_smile:

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PTE is valid for three years for Australia immigration purpose.