Purpose Of PCC Incorrect - Urgent

Recently obtained a PCC for Immigration purposes. I had BLS fill the form for me, instead of choosing ‘Immigration’ or ‘Resident Permit’ they selected ‘Employment Visa/work Permit’. And the PCC has details as below,

"It is certified that there is no adverse information against Mr.xxx, holder of passport xxx…which would render him ineligible for Employment/Employment Visa/Work Permit for Commonwealth of Australia

This PCC is not valid for any other purpose or country"

Can I use this PCC to lodge my 190 Visa or do I need obtain a new one with purpose of PCC as Immigration or Residence?

@anil_am22 can you please suggest? if i submit this pcc are there any chances for `visa refusal?

I don’t see a reason for not using this PCC. It should be fine.

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