PWD processing is delayed

Hi There,

I am waiting for my PWD since Aug. 26th to kickstart my PERM process. I keep seeing that the processing time is currently increasing each day. Do you have any intel on why this is currently the case and when I can expect to receive a response?


There is no way to know why it is being delayed.

We are seeing delays for all types of applications handled by DOL at this time. I do not have any estimated date for your case at this time.

My PWD for PERM was filed on July 2020, still I am waiting to hear from DOL. Does anybody know if any delay is going on for PWD processing nowadays ? It is almost 6 months now, not sure what is wrong!

Might be due to sharp increase in unemployment benefits claims there is huge load of work DOL. Mostly the applications processing is delayed.

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Thanks! Might be that is the case.


Can you please let me know under which category I have to check the processing timelines of PWD (from below screenshot) -

Is it under ‘H-1B’ processing queue (or) ‘PERM’ processing queue?

Kindly let me know.


My pwd filled on may 2021 still not approved…will it take more than a year for approval?

My max out time is Jan 2022…any inputs pls share…

Hi @Dasng_Raj
PWD was updated to August. Did you get approval?