PWD processing is delayed

Hi There,

I am waiting for my PWD since Aug. 26th to kickstart my PERM process. I keep seeing that the processing time is currently increasing each day. Do you have any intel on why this is currently the case and when I can expect to receive a response?


There is no way to know why it is being delayed.

We are seeing delays for all types of applications handled by DOL at this time. I do not have any estimated date for your case at this time.

My PWD for PERM was filed on July 2020, still I am waiting to hear from DOL. Does anybody know if any delay is going on for PWD processing nowadays ? It is almost 6 months now, not sure what is wrong!

Might be due to sharp increase in unemployment benefits claims there is huge load of work DOL. Mostly the applications processing is delayed.

Thanks! Might be that is the case.