PWD processing times

I recently filed my PWD in Sept. At the time of filing DOL was processing PWD applications that were filed in Feb. Today when i look at the timelines i still see they are processing applications filed in Feb 21.Is there anyone who received filed in March and got approval? I am worried because if this is pace then i don’t see myself getting i-140 approved within the next 17 months.

Hi. Mine got filed in Feb 26, yet waiting for the approval.

oh its really really slow. :frowning:

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Can you please let me know under which category I have to check the processing timelines of PWD (from below screenshot) -

Is it under ‘H-1B’ processing queue (or) ‘PERM’ processing queue?

Kindly let me know.

You need to check PERM for PWD .

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Dear all, which is difference between “OES receipt Date” and “Non- OES Receipt Date”?

It’s new to me as well. I do not know that.


I have a question - when will Employer implement the PWD salary? Is it after PWD is approved (or) I140 is approved?

Please let me know.

PWD is the first step of PERM process.

did you get pwd approved?

Yes mine got approved on Dec 8.
Filed on 26th. Took 286 days.

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286 days for PWD approval? Wow

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My pwd filled on May 28 still waiting…is any way lawyer can enquiry to dol??

Don’t think anyone has any control on DOL. Just wait for it to happen I think. Check with lawyer who filed for you