Q29 receipt number when filing H1 H4 extension, H4 EAD concurrently


For concurrent filing of H1/H4 extension and H4 EAD, what will be the I129 receipt number in Q29 of I765 form?

Write “Filed concurrently” in Q29 of form i765 for H4 EAD while filing all applications concurrently.

Thank you very much for your help.

Is it not OK to use the recent I129 receipt number rather than keeping it blank?? Your answer is highly appreciated.

I think i have answered it clearly earlier. Rest is your choice as to what you want to do.

My employer is applying for H1B & H4 extension and asked me to send H4 EAD extension application also. What should I enter for Q29 - where I need to enter the H1B Spouse most recent I - 797 for I-129 receipt number. As this is being filed for extension, should I use the previous approved H1B I-797 approved form receipt number Or Should I enter the I-140 receipt number in this place?

Similarly for Q-21a - where I need to enter the I94 number, As H4 extension will be applied in parallel, should this I-94 field also be filled with the previous approved h4 I797 I-94 number?

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Hi @vijay559

Your question has been moved here as it has already been answered above.

You should write the most recent H4 i94 number irrespective of filing H4 extension in parallel.


My current H1B expires on 08th, March, 2021 and spouse’s H4 expires on the same date as well. Employer is applying for my H1B extension and spouse’s H4 extension. Employer doesn’t file H4 EAD but is okay to send H4 EAD documents along with H1B & H4 extension documents to USCIS.

I’m filing H4 EAD for the first time for my spouse and I understand I need to select C26 for Q26 in I-765 form.

My question is,

  1. For Q29, should I put my most recent I797’s receipt number? If so, will EAD, if approved, only be valid till 08th, March, 2021?
  2. (or) Will USCIS first process both H1B & H4 extensions and then process H4 EAD application?

(Confused here as I’m trying to understand how will USCIS know both H1B and H4 extension have been filed)