Qld 190 PR 261314 Software Tester Chances

Hello @Anil.Gupta sir,

We’ve submitted SC190 EOI QLD for Software Tester 261314 by checking the general criteria. As per that, it needs 2 years of post educational experience.

But for Software Tester, there is an additional criteria of 5 years experience. My wife is the primary applicant and her experience is 4 years and 9 months now (5 years by March 2020) after ACS deduction.

So could you please share your opinion, would they consider our EOI OR will they reject ?

BSMQ criteria requires you to:

  • provide evidence that you have a minimum of 2 years’ post-qualification work experience in your nominated occupation (unless otherwise stated);

Additional criteria for Software Tester :
|261314|Software Tester|||Require 80 points;
Require minimum post-qualification work experience of 5 years in accordance with ACS skills assessments|

Our point split :-
Age points : 30
English Language Ability Superior : 20
Level of educational qualification attained : 15
State/Territory Nomination : 5
Years of experience Equal to 4 Years (it will be 5 years in March 2020) : 5
Partner Skills Primary Applicant Partner : 10 (Positive for ICT Systems Test Engineer)
Total : 85

Thanks, Ratheesh P D.

Hi @ratheeshpd

You have good chance of invite with 85 points.

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Thank you very much Anil. Let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

Regards, Ratheesh P D.

Hello @Anil.Gupta sir,

Heard from someone that

"If my wife (Primary applicant) does not get an invitation till she reaches the 5-year experience threshold, we can use the same EOI. But if she receives the invitation before that, we cannot lodge the application as it will be disqualified for not meeting the minimum criteria (5 years exp). If we receive the invitation before that, we cannot lodge the visa and there is a bright chance that we won’t get another invitation from the state. "

So what do you feel with your experience ? We do not want to change anything ; just will wait and see. Sorry for multiple questions on this topic.

Thanks, Ratheesh P D.

I don’t understand this question.

Sorry for the confusion. Let me explain.

We’ve submitted the QLD SC190 Visa when it opened on 25th Nov. Basic criteria for QLD EOI is 2 years exp; but additional criteria for Software tester is 5 years of post educational experience. In our case, it’s 4 years 9 months now and will be 5 years in the month of March 2020. So if they invite us now with current 85 points (before March) and will they reject our Visa application saying not meeting the minimum criteria ? and will not invite in future with this rejection ?

Thanks, Ratheesh P D.

Yes, they can reject your application if the basic criteria is not met.


Thanks Anil. Will wait and see if QLD invites or not.

Regards, Ratheesh P D.

What are the chances to get an invite for 491 QLD with 80 points and 190 Vic with 70 points. I have submitted my EOI in november 2019

Sorry, i cannot suggest anything without the ANZSCO job code.

Hi Anil , it’s 261314 Software Tester. And points include state sponsorship and 5 points of spouse.

Usually Software Tester 261314 code has low chance to get invited compared to other 2613 codes. Even we’ve submitted in October with 80+5 points. No news yet. But you would have good chance with QLD since they started processing 491 nowadays.

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Thanks dear.

Could also please answer my another query. My ACS is going to expire in Feb next week and I am in process to get it done as early as possible but if during this time, I got invite then does it impact my process and can I choose another code 26313 software engineer this time?

Hi @nitin_sharma

You can choose a different ANZSCO code for ACS reassessment.

If you get invite before your new ACS assessment, then you will have to get assessment for same ANZSCO code that got invited.