Queries on DS160 for First Time H1B Stamping


I have a few queries on the DS-160.

  1. How do I report an on-campus cafeteria job I did for a couple of semesters since on campus jobs are not reported to SEVIS account? I don’t have access to my university account to verify payment stubs and joining dates.

  2. I was issued US F1 visa in 2015. What would be the response to “Have you been ten-printed”?

  3. For the social media section, I do not operate a YouTube channel. Do I need to attach the link to the default channel like “YOUTUBE.COM / CHANNEL/ INSASWL27Y1 - XXXXXX” or is the gmail account sufficient?

Thank you!

  1. Just provide the dates that you can recall as per your best estimate.

  2. Am I Ten Printed Meaning for DS-160 form US Visa? - USA

  3. You said you don’t have a youtube channel. Then, why are you trying to provide the link?
    DS160 Social Media Account Username Required (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) - USA

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Anil, I was confused with point 1 as :