Query on I94 update after passport renewal


I have a question regarding my I-94 expiry-

My passport expires in Jul-2024. I travelled out of US in Feb-2023 and got my visa stamped (previous employer) and the stamping is valid till June-2025. While returning, in Port of entry my I-94 was given only till July-2024 (until my passport expiry). The CBP officer mentioned that the I-94 will be valid only till the passport expiry.

I changed my Employer and my H1-B petition with new employer was approved in Nov-2023. I travelled again out of US in Nov-2023 (but did not join the new employer yet) and returned to US in Dec-2023. However, this time at the port of entry, my I-94 was given till June-2025 (matching my visa with previous employer). Please note that my passport was not renewed at this time, and I travelled with my old passport and previous employer visa stamping.

I got my passport renewed and received the new passport couple of days back. when I check my I-94 status online, with the old passport number, I see the I-94 valid until June2025.

My question is - Do I need get my I-94 extended since the CBP officer mentioned so during my previous travel in Feb-2023 or Am I good till Jun-2025 even though the current i-94 (valid till June-2025), shows up only with my old passport number?

Thank you.

As pong as your most recent i94 shows validity till 2025, you are good till that date.

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Thank you for Quick Reply.