Query on Other name/spellings of Spouse for 190 Visa application

My spouse name has Abbreviated initials in all her documents other than Passport ( Passport has expanded name of her abbreviated name ). The same applies to her parents as well. I have done a one and same name Affidavit for all of them and got it notarized by Advocate for my in laws and spouse. Is this fine to be uploaded along with 190 Visa Application

My Spouse name has an initial and while declaring her name under her section it shows as below in Visa 190 application.

When I gave yes and declared her details using the add button and mentioned her Abbreviated name filling on the below with details etc… In this section it was all good, it has accepted everything. But when I went to the upload section it popped up a new upload section for her other names. Can I upload the Affidavit I created for her under this section. Will that be fine?

Showing under - " Change of Name, Evidence of - Spouse Name"
Can I upload the Affidavit here? Please respond.

Biggest doubt is it shows - Change of Name, but instead it is just a different spelling only and not an actual change of name, so bit worried if this cause an issue or not? Should I declare this as yes and provide the details and upload the one and same name affidavit or just go ahead with No and not declare this?

Have you received your PR ? Did you apply with missing employment contract ?