Query regarding i140 transfer

I am outside of USA right now and i140 is valid with my current employer. Another employer is providing offer and want me to work remotely as they have outside of USA office avaliable. Is it possible to transfer i140 while being outside of USA. Please suggest if any option available.

I-140 is employer specific and cannot be transferred. New employer will need to restart your PERM process if they are willing to sponsor green card job for you.

You may be able to retain the priority date in your current I-140 and port it to the new one so you don’t lose your position in the GC queue.

PERM process can be started even if the employee is not in the US as it is a future job offer.

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Thank you so much, after i140 transfer; am I suppose to be in USA(with fresh H1b) to start the future job or I can do it remotely?. As new employer is ok to provide me salary from the remote country as they do have global presence. Please suggest. Thank you.