Query regarding my Spouse (H4) RFE response to USCIS

Applied for visa change from G4(Diplomatic VISA) to H1b in premium in September 2021.
Applied for visa change from G4 (Dependent)to H4 on the same date of principal applicant H1B.
Received my (H1B) notice of approval I-797 in 5 days.

My spouse H4 status is in “Case Received “until March 2022, but we received RFE for supporting evidence in Apr’2022.

1.Form I-566 required. - We have this document ready to submit

2.Maintenanace of status-Principal Alien
a. A recently issued Form-I-797, Notice of Action granting the principal Applicant’s status - We will submit approved I-797 copy
b. Evidence of recent admission to the United States- We will submit I94 copy.

c. Evidence of the three pay statements prior to the filing date of this application.
Query 1: Please clarify if the filing date is the date on which H4 applied along with principal applicant H1B premium in September 2021.If yes, should I submit three pay statements with employer I have been employed through G4 visa prior sep’2021.

d. Employment letter that principal applicant has and continues to be employed by the company.

Query 2: Is the employment letter from the recent employer I have been employed through H1B or should I submit G4 Employer experience letter.

e. Recently issued W2’s - We have this document ready to submit

Ideally all these questions should be directed to the immigration lawyer of your H1B employer. Please do so if not done already.


Submit from both employers if they are different from H1B.

Hi Kmsr,

I need to file form I-566 change of status from G4 to H4 as well but I am unable to find the drop box location where I need to send the filled I-566 form. Can you please share how did you find out where to send the completed form I-566 and what is the location?

Greatly appreciate your help.

Hi, I have something similar going on.

Would you please share how long it took for you to get your I-566 endorsed form back from state department.

I am fretting about this form and only have 5 days left on my G4 status.

My H1b laywer said if I don’t receive from by 4th may I will be out of Status

Any help is appreciated


Please contact me on my email arjsym1@gmail.com

het @kmsr how did you get approval directly? Didn’t they ask to provide I566?

Hey @Arjsym10_10 can you please tell what happened to your case? how long it took to get I566 endorsed? what else USCIS requested?