Question on declaring additional employment on Form 80 and 1221 or 190 Visa Application?

Hi team,

I have not claimed 2 nominated related occupations in my career. I have not given the details to ACS nor claimed it in EOI for points. The reason for that is my first employer is closed down and I never got any relevant documents and the reason for omitting the second company is because I worked only for a month there. Is it ok if I declare this along with other relevant jobs that I claimed points in Form 80 and Form 1221. Will they comeback ask me a reason for this omission in Visa Application? Also in Resume to be uploaded for 190 VISA application should I include these companies or just include only companies that I claimed points for? Can someone please give a suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

Its fine to declare all employment even if you haven’t claimed points for it.

Hi, If I may ask an additional question,

In case the DHA requests for form 80, then should the passport/National ID address match the current address? Or will having a rental agreement and utility bill with current address suffice?