Question on Switching Primary employers while having approved Concurrent Visa

Hi Anil,
I am working for Employer P1 and H1b is approved till 2025.Employer C1 applied for Concurrent Visa and it is also approved till 2025 based on my primary P1 approval.

Question: Can i switch Primary employers from P1 to P2 while still working on Concurrent C1?

1.If yes, will C1 become my primary as soon as i quit P1 and P2 has to apply concurrent for me?
2.If Yes,Will P2 become my primary as soon as i quit P1 post P2 H1B approval,and C1 will continue as Concurrent?

Replying on behalf of Anil…


No. Concurrent employer remains as is. P2 will simply apply for ‘change of employer’ aka transfer petition.