Questions around Paid employment evidence documentation for ACS assessment

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Quick questions on Paid employment evidence documentation

It’s mentioned 401k or w2 in the first proof of documents evidence

Does it mean downloading 401k statements for each year as an alternative to w2 proofs? Because I have some missing w2 documents with me, I would have to order new ones whereas 401k statements are readily downloadable. Please advise

Also, for the bank statements or payslips as a second proof of evidence. How can someone fetch really long back pay slips from previous employers(2014, 2015 years)? Even bank statements are not available for those years. Please advise

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You can request the old statements from bank by calling them. They can send it to them by mail.

For other proofs like 401k or W2, download them from ADP site.

Looks like the bank doesn’t store statements beyond 7 years ago.

How can we provide two proof of payments in that case for very old years of employment like 2014, 2015

While w2/401k acts as first proof, second proof of either payslips or bank statements is hard to fetch. Any advice on how to go about this?

ACS assessment looks like they are very strict about everything. they rejected my first application based on similar issues.

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May be get proof of insurance coverage.

Two proofs can be pay stub and W2 though.

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Can anyone tell about the tax document for Pakistani candidates ? how is it look like . Same goes for the insurance document. Can you provide a sample doc?