Re-appear for H1B stamping when one is already 221g admin process?

I have been in USA for more than 10 years, in my last extension my employer (A)changed SOC code to ‘Computer-Other Occupation’ instead of ‘Software Developer’, eventually it ended up with RFE on SOC code change. I realized this is going to be denied so I requested my vendor to transfer my H1B for same client. New employer B(old Vendor) got H1B transfer approved for me. In between my employer (A) responded RFE and got denial.
I went ahead and scheduled visa stamping with employer B (old vendor) I submitted passport and other docs in dropbox appointment and got a 221G letter asked to attend interview, when I attended interview they verified all of my credentials and gave me another 221G for additional admin process, none of the documents were asked and returned my passport. It’s been more than couple of weeks my case is in same Refused status.

Meanwhile my old employer A has filed new petition for extension with correct SOC codes and that petition is also approved.

My question is, Can I schedule another appointment with my old employer A which I was working for past 10 years while my case is already in 221G Admin Process with new employer B(old vendor)? Is it legal to do? This time my old employer A has new end client.

Your thoughts/ suggestions will be highly appreciated on this.

You should be able to apply again. I don’t see an issue.

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