Re-entry with old I-797 and Visa and new I-797 Approval notice

I have existing L1A I-797A till AUg2024 and a valid VISA till September 2025. I had applied for L1A extension and it got approved on 5/13/2024. Based on this, i had to leave for India for Parent medical emergency. I was under impression that my lawyer would receive the new I-797A by mail before my travel back to USA with valid new I-797 and existing Visa. However, i still have not received the I-797 and I need to comeback next week.
So the Question is will the immigration officer allow entry based on existing I-797 (till Aug 2024) and existing VISA (Till Sept 2024; same employer) and I-797 approval notice

Yes, you should be able to enter using existing visa stamp in passport and existing i797 as long as they are valid on the day of entry.

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