Received 189 invite, but English score expired, and recently acquired valid score


I have received an invite for 189, civil Engineer occupation, on 06 oct, but my English score has expired in August. Also, I now have valid English score from the test I have gave on 08 oct.

My question- is there a possibility that my visa application gets processed if I applied with the new valid English score.

Also, can I reach home affairs with the same issue, and if yes, what is the suitable email address.

You can submit the new english test result. If it does not reduce the points, then you are safe and everything will be fine.


Thank you for the swift response.

Hi Sirisha,
My situation also same as yours… Did you apply for visa? I am little confused as my agent is telling that the invitation is invalid.

I haven’t yet applied as I’m still contemplating.

I got invitation for SC 189 on Oct 6th.