Received 190 Invitation but ACS skill assessment has expired

I have received 190 visa nomination from NSW two days ago for Software Engineering occupation. As you may know, I have 14 days now to submit by application.

My question is regarding my skills assessment from ACS. My skill assessment expired in November, 2020 as per the mention on the letter. The employment on my skill assessment is in the past and there is no change in that assessed employment that can impact my points. New skills assessment takes a few weeks to complete at minimum so there is not enough time to get a new skill assessment.

Would you recommend I go ahead and submit my application with the skill assessment I already have?

Your Skill assessment needs to be valid on the day you receive your state/189 invitation. If not, your application will be refused if you decide to submit the state nomination/visa application. It is clearly stated in NSW website that “You must hold a valid skills assessment in an occupation that exactly matches an occupation on the [NSW subclass 190 visa occupation list]”(

You should have got your assessment renewed as and when it got expired rather than waiting for an invitation.
As of now, you have just received a pre-invite from NSW, and now you need to submit proof of all your claims made in the EOI within 14 days. You can risk it and submit the documents. Or maybe apply for a new Skill assessment at the same time and inform state about it. Very rare but maybe if you are lucky the state might consider it. Though never heard of something like this.

Wish you luck!