Received 221 G white slip and then questionnaire in the email

Yesterday I went for a visa interview and VO handed me a 221 G white slip with my passport and told me you will receive an email in the evening.

Later the same day I received an email. These are the questions I received in the email.

Just to let you know I already had USA Visa and it got expired. So I went for the renewal
I want to know how long does this process takes and more thing one of the question is to provide funding sources for the trips I did in the past? So should I attach my bank statement with it or something else? Because of course All the funds came into my bank account and used those for trips.

The letter itself mentions that it can take months to process your application once you provide answers to all the questions in the questionnaire document. The questionnaire looks very exhaustive and so will be the information you provide, hence may take months for the US consulate to verify all the information before they can process your case.

That is how you will show the source of fund. For e.g. if the funds were derived from a job or business income, and deposited in one of the bank accounts, but you transferred some of them to another bank account to buy the air tickets, then you will submit your salary slips (job) or bill & payment proof from the customers (business) and the bank statements of both banks.

Thank you very much for your answer. As I am a freelancer, I have received all the payments over the years in the Payoneer and I replied to the consulate with the attachment of statement of the last 6 years to them. will it be fine? it has all the records of the payments I received from all the customers and even from freelancer marketplaces? Is it fine?

Whether it is acceptable or not will be decided by the consular officer processing your case. They will get back to you if they need any further supporting documentation.

okay thank you very much for your help

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Dear Ahmad, Hope you are doing good,

I am into the same scenario,
Went to Visa Interview with Family for renewal – we all had the 5 Year Visa Before but was expired, - Visited twice and came back within defined time span
Visa had been issued to my wife, however VO said they will putting my case including children’s into administrative processing
And handed over the White Slip 221-G Same like Yours – they did ask for the same questioner which over email in the same day which was replied back after 1 day

Status on CEAC is refused,

Can you please confirm, that once you reply to their email,
Did they sent any acknowledgment email stating that your response has been received or anything


Hello @ZainRashid

I have received a reply on 2nd March that they have processed my visa application and told me to submit my passport. And no I didn’t receive any acknowledgment email from them

My Interview Date was on 2nd Feb and received the email on the same day after 4 hours or so

I submitted information on 3rd Feb

Received a reply from them on 2nd March.

So you don’t need to worry. All will be fine

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Glad to hear that :heart_eyes:
In the meanwhile what was the status of your case on CEAC
Was refused ?

Yeah It was refused and Its still coming refused even after submitting the passport.

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Thanks Mate,

Did you receive the reply on the same email on which they sent you the questioner or the other one which we use create our USTRAVELDOCS - Schedule id.

The Reply to submit your passport

Any luck so far
Or response from their side

On the same email I submitted the questioner

All Right, Thnx
Do confirm once you get your passport back.

Hi, Hope you are doing good,
Any News for your visa stamp
Did you get your passport back
and If Yes when did the status changed!

Visa status was changed 3 days ago and it says Administrative processing and now today when I checked it been changed to Issued

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Hello Ahmed Sheikh,

Regarding this 221g, was the date of your status on CEAC changing weekly or time to time? or it remained refused from the date you appeared in the interview?

I have a similar situation to you. please keep us posted with any updates when you get them and things start moving. hoping for the best.

I have already replied that the visa has been issued to me

My question is different. I know that you have been issued with visa. My question is , Does the status date on CEAC remained same (your day of interview) or was changing time to time?

It remained same. It wasn’t changed. It was only changed when I receive an email regarding to submit the passport