Received 221g after L1A visa interview

@anil_am22 Hello sir,

My husband’s company applied for an L1A visa under a blanket petition. We are Indian citizens applying from 3rd country.
We had a visa interview on 1st April.
The officer just asked 3 questions to my husband

  1. How long are you working for your current company?-

  2. What is your current title?

  3. Have you applied for an L1 visa earlier?

Then he took our fingerprints and said " Ok so the visa interview is done. We don’t need any more documents from you. We need to have a check on your documents. Typically We will get back to you in 7 days. but sometimes it may take 2 weeks". He gave us the white paper, did not mention any case number, just circled the website URL, and said " In case you don’t hear from us in a week then you can send an email to this address". He then kept our passports with him. No documents were requested.
We submitted the following documents to the VO:
DS-160 Confirmation page
Company letter describing my husband’s current job duties and job responsibilities in the US.

Not sure what to expect. It’s really stressing us out. The Ceac website status currently is ‘Refused’ and the case was created on 31st March and the visa interview was on 1st April and last updated on 1st April.
Any idea of someone who faced a similar situation and has got a visa issued?

Thank you