Received 221g with F1 Visa Renewal on OPT

I graduated with a Ph.D. degree in computer science almost 6 months ago and am currently working at a tech company on F1 OPT. I applied for an F1 visa renewal while in India with a dropbox appointment and got this slip which says visa refused under section 221g. Although I did submit the documents mentioned in this white slip at the dropbox appointment, I am still asked to appear for the interview and submit them. Does anyone know why have I received this? what docs would I need at the interview and how can I best prepare for it?
Thank you.

Interview waiver (IW) aka dropbox is at discretion of the consular officer . So in your case they decided that they want to call you for interview.
You must carry the documents requested in the 221g however I suggest carrying below docs to be on safe side.

  1. Latest I-20 with OPT recommendation and the one issued with travel authorization and SEVIS reciept.
  2. Copy of I-765 / OPT EAD approval notice.
  3. Original EAD.
  4. Offer letter from your employer and employment verification letter with position, duties and salary.
  5. Last three pay stubs.
  6. Copy of PhD degree.

@Vraj_Shah could you share more information on this? How many days did it take them to clear you?

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Hey Vraj,
Could you please give us an update on this?

Hey Dhruv,
Did something similar happen to you as well? Do you have any experience with 221g?